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Palestine-Israel conflict in very, very simple terms

  • Moses, thousands of years ago:"Hi, I'm Moses. Ya'll are my followers, yall are Jews. We came here to this land to escape crazy shit going down in Egypt. This is our land. Israel."
  • Jews, years later:*expand all over Europe due to persecution*
  • Jews, early 1900:*deals with more persecution in Europe, like the holocaust*
  • U.N.:"We should put these attacked Jews somewhere. Oh I know, what about Palestine? They used to live there like a million years ago."
  • U.N.:"But don't people already live there-"
  • U.N.:"Oh well who cares"
  • Jews:*Move into Palestine*
  • Jews:"Hey we deserve this place. It was ours when there were still pharaohs. Let's call ourselves Zionists."
  • Zionists:*Kicks Palestinians out of their homes*
  • U.N.:"Let's try separating them into two states- Israel and Palestine."
  • Zionists:*Continues kicking Palestinians out and expanding Israel*
  • Hamas:"Oh hell no"
  • Hamas:*fights back with shitty rockets that barely kill anyone*
  • Zionists:"Oh no! Terrorists! So scary!"
  • Zionists:*Fires missiles into heavily populated areas in Palestine and kills thousands of children*
  • America:"Hamas was asking for it! Israel is defending itself"
  • U.N.:"Hamas was asking for it!"
  • Rest of the world:"Hamas was asking for it!"
  • Arab countries:"Not our business"
  • Emirates:"Hey let's build another hotel"
  • Palestinian children:
  • Palestinian children:
  • Palestinian children:
  • Palestinian children:*die*
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Email was invented in 1971.

It’s more or less stayed the same, since.

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We live in an era of opinions. In the Internet economy — in which I am a loyal and grateful participant! — loud voices are more than just currency, they’re coal. The Outrage Industrial Complex burns all day and all night with Twitter as its blistering engine room. A constant stream of fuel is necessary to keep the entire enterprise afloat, and so any event, be it the collapse of a government or the cancellation of a sitcom, is greeted with a near instantaneous torrent of reaction.

Social Economy

social economy is a third sector among economies between the private (business) and public sectors (government). It includes organizations such as cooperatives, nonprofit organizations and charities.

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The most important thing you learn how to do is learn. There are two types of people, people that learn and people that know… the people that know are going to know what they know forever, and that’s all they are going to know. I think there is something really important to have the curiosity of a child.

Brian Chesky. AirBnB. (via peterspear)

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When a man finds at the end of his days, he has to take an account of his life, he has to live what he had done. If he can find the goodness somewhere, if there is chance of finding some kind of redemption before he leaves this earth and the life’s moment what matters. This is a story of failure, of my failure, for all of failures of my life, fade to nothing, Just escaping moments. As I find my way, my exodus moment, I known that this life wasn’t so bad and like the cleansing sun and the beautiful light beneath the sun. All that is good in me, lives on in you forever.

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15 Tips for Staying in Control - Time Managment

1)      GET UP 15 MINUTES EARLIER than you do now. It is well known that if your day starts under great duress you have established the tone for the rest of the day. (Getting sufficient sleep to provide for the early rising time is necessary.)

2)      MAKE A LIST OF THINGS TO DO when you get to work and keep track of them on a palm pilot or special computer software.

3)      Make sure that you have NOT OVER COMMITTED yourself. Often we schedule projects and meetings back to back and do not even allow time to walk to the other end of a building to get to an appointment. We, of course, are then behind schedule, and feel rushed and tense.

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